The Way to Freedom


Are you ready to create a life you love?

Are you ready to free yourself from pain?

Are you sick of feeling stuck, lost and confused?

As an experienced counsellor, I specialise in working with those who are ready to make positive change. My sessions safely guide clients through blockages, without the need to rehash old wounds resulting in an effective method that clears blocks in a timely and loving manner.


About Me

Hypnotherapy and Energy Psychology

I have long believed that freedom is possible.

With extensive experience in the counselling and personal growth, I help people find peace through a range of techniques addressing mind, body and spirit. 

With a Diploma in Counselling and studies in Wholistic Pyschology, Reiki, Seichim, Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), I have a created a way of guiding my clients through limiting beliefs and trauma. My unique approach considers the spiritual, physical and mental health of my clients and taps into both the conscious and subconscious mind, where all behaviours and patterns reside.

Expect change. It is more than a possibility.

Wandering Traveler

Trust is the start of it
Joy is a part of it
Love is the Heart of it


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"I wouldn't typically consult with a Counsellor for physical pain but when I had a very sore wrist, which was so painful I couldn't shake hands or hold a pen, I had to try something different. For months I had tried everything under the sun to stop the pain using more traditional remedies with little improvement.
When Heather took me through her "tapping" process and the pain was completely gone with in 30 minutes and has not returned, I realised that the mind and body are connected in more ways than I realised. Heather has a gentle, alternative way of making those connections with surprising and unexpected results."

John - Magill

"My daughter had OCD, counting steps etc, which I thought was quite mild. She visited Heather and released the fear that was holding ALL of that in and in my daughters words, she was 'free'. She then disclosed other elements that I had no idea were part of her behaviour. We are so relieved."

Louise - Adelaide

"My experience with Heather has genuinely changed my thinking patterns and ridded me of the anxieties I was having. The sessions I've had with her go so much deeper than just talking about personal issues and worries. By working with the sub-conscious mind, you're working internally to energetically heal yourself. It's really an eye-opening beautiful experience and it's what I have to thank for gaining my self love and confidence back."

Emma - Adelaide Hills